Carleton Macroeconomics Reading Group

Our reading group meets roughly once/twice per month to discuss recent papers and methods in macroeconomics. The group is open to students of any degree. Please email me to get onto the email list ( where I distribute details about the upcoming meeting.


November 27, 2019 : Discussion of “Earnings-Based Borrowing Constraints and Macroeconomic Fluctuations” by Thomas Drechsel.

January 22, 2020 : Discussion of “A Flexible Finite-Horizon Alternative to Long-run Restrictions with an Application to Technology Shocks” by Neville Francis, Michael T. Owyang, Jennifer Roush, and Riccardo DiCecio.

Febuary 12, 2020 : Discussion of “The Long-Run Effects of Monetary Policy” by Oscar Jorda, Sanjay Singh, and Alan Taylor.